The Ripple Effect

Riffcaster’s 2017 Top 11 List

Well, unlike in years past when I sat down several weeks before Yule-time to draft up my little top 11 list of the best rock and metal albums of the year, I found myself scrambling to cobble together this year’s list.  The blame can be laid squarely on the interference of life, in particular a certain nasty 4-letter word that begins with the letter ‘W’ which I shall not utter in this sacred space.  Suffice to say, with a few days left of my holiday release from those chains of bondage I can finally get back to more important things like my healthy obsession with all things rock ‘n’ roll!  So I bid you welcome to the 2017 installment of Riffcaster’s Top 11 List!  Come on in, grab a virtual beer from the fridge here at Riff Manor and get cozy for the next 5 minutes!

1)       Brume - Rooster

If there’s one album that just stayed with me throughout the year this year it’s Brume’s Rooster.  When I was asked by guitarist Jamie McCathie after their set at one of the local Bay Area venues if I’d be interested in hearing a promo of the album before its’ release date and perhaps do a review of it for The Ripple Effect I jumped at the chance. But even having heard a couple of the tracks beforehand live couldn’t prepare me for what happened when I sat down and listened for the first time.  This was plainly and simply a giant leap forward from their excellent debut EP Donkey in production and songwriting.  This is doom with soul, even labeling it “doom metal’ does it a disservice, as there is emotion and soul and sheer beauty mixed in amongst the thunder and fuzz.  That’s not to say that there’s not still head banging riffs aplenty, there are in spades.  This was quite simply the best album this year by a landslide in my opinion.