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Mr. Heavyhead Top 20 Albums of 2017

Hey Fuzzers it’s that time of the year to present you my favorite albums of 2017 and some honorable mentions you need to listen in case you haven’t done it so far. This is my third time doing this since I began to collaborate with More Fuzz in 2015 (check my favorite albums of 2015 and 2016 if you like), and this year was the hardest to choose my 20 favorite albums and the respective honorable mentions. Hope you like them as much as I did. Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride! 

2: Brume – Rooster

I fell in love with Brume since I started my explorations in Bandcamp in early 2015, their debut EP Donkey was one of my first purchases in the platform, so you can say I was excited when they released Rooster months ago. As its name indicates, Brume plays an atmospheric Doom Metal, enveloped in a dense fog, a mood highlighted by Susie McMullan eerie and ethereal vocals (the best female vocal performance of 2017!) .