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As always use this as merely a teaser, please toss the talented some green in support that they might continue

Brume – Rooster (USA)

Has that sweet lil’ bird ran afoul of a horny predator, or a girthy snake?

Release – July/15/2017 – 2xLP (Cassette and CD since April/20th)

Against PR

DHU Records/ Doom Stew Records

Something a little different to commence this week’s festivities.

Rooster is Brume’s first full length release. Sporting six tracks that stretch a whopping fifty – one minutes and classic themed cover artwork showcasing excitable livestock one would be correct in an assumption that this isn’t an album utilizing macabre themes or a collection of tracks blanketed in blast beats entwined with a bludgeoning brutal nature. Rooster is instead a distortion drenched, doom fueled, stoner rock fused, vocally emotion laden treat.

Groove laden riffs sit at the forefront of Brume’s uniqueness. A style that appears oddly lethargic in moments, epic in scope throughout, hypnotically captivating and eerily haunting in nature an attribute complemented heavily by the stunning vocal prowess of (bassist) Susie McMullan.

The appeal of Brume for me comes from the albums composition, plodding riffs ebb and flow bearing a lazy heavy as a drunken pachyderm vibe, which is similarly unpredictable in its stumbling’s (I would imagine) yet curiously engrossing to witness (again I can only imagine), in this case listen to.

Of course, there’s an exception. Welter is the shortest track on the album, an instrumental oozing with passion, and a fantastic break from the guitar distorted aura the remainder of this album boasts. Altogether weird is that this isn’t traditionally what I would normally to, Brume isn’t by any means traditional doom or even stoner rock but I’m somehow inexorably drawn to it.

Keep an open mind, wine seems like the beverage of choice to accompany the consumption of this audio.

Different, unique and altogether engrossing. A great find that I’m placing in the ‘guilty pleasures’ corner of my collection.