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SPECIAL FEATURE: Doom/Sludge Round-Up

The TO staff rounds-up recent sludge/doom worth paying attention to

Brume (United States) – Rooster (Self-Released/Doom Stew Records)

Brume’s fuzzy and emotive brand of doom metal is one of my favourite releases of 2017 thus far. With luscious melodies, sweepingly moody atmosphere, and well-crafted heavy riffs, ‘Rooster’ contains over 50 minutes of transcendental doom metal, the likes of which people like me love to use overwrought words and much hyperbole to describe. I can’t help but feel that ‘Rooster’ justifies this though, as it really is an exemplary record, especially for a debut release. The music is utterly compelling, but the singer is the band’s star in many ways, (although it should be noted that she doesn’t outshine the music, so high is its quality levels). Her voice is captivating and beautiful though, there’s no getting away from it. With great range and finesse, she handles both powerful and softer deliveries with ease. So good. Well, well; ‘Rooster’ is an unexpected treat for any doom metal fan. Here’s a band that deals in emotion and atmosphere, wrapped up in quality doom metal. What’s not to like? Indeed, what’s not to love? ~Nigel Holloway