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I Got Interection: DESERTFEST LONDON 2017 Review – Day 2

Where’s my hangover? Hmmm, it hasn’t hit me yet. Maybe it will later, let’s see. Coffee? Coffee. Fry-up? Now we’re talking. We’ve got to have something to keep that late morning pint of Camden Pale in good company now haven’t we? Though I have to say whichever genius booked that luxury pie n’ mash van to sit outside the Black Heart in Greenland Place all DESERTFEST LONDON weekend made me a very happy person indeed last night! Oh, there’s bands on? Right, we’d better get on that… 

It’s a shame to leave right as ‘Cherry Red’, one of my all-time favourite rock songs, kicks off but it’s an essential move in order to soak up the sumptuous doom that Californian trio BRUME have brought us from all the way across that big blue pond. Ex-Gurt living legend Jamie McCathie’s sweeping and expansive riffs a la Yob and Windhand’s harrowing plunder kick on hard across the venue as bassist Susie McClellan’s vocals ring out like a siren across the Underworld’s blackened expanses. Progressive, enchanting, otherworldly and gut-punchingly heavy, Brume set a tone that the next day-and-a-half days will struggle to muster back up for sheer dominance of sound alone.