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10 absolutely unmissable acts at DESERTFEST LONDON 2017.

The verdict was incontrovertible among the community after the final announcement was made a few weeks ago: the sixth edition of DESERTFEST LONDON is set to offer the best lineup hands down, since the heavy festival settled in Camden in 2012. The full running order is now in all hands, so your most fervent Desertfesters – Pete Green and yours truly – thought of the most hesitant of you and provided this compendious, chronological guide to this year’s party. Check out our 10 unmissable acts of this Desertfest London 2017 now. 

BRUME – Despite having a rather bristly name, you certainly won’t want to be brushed aside as we cram into the Underworld’s lowly confines together to experience Californian heavyweights Brume for the very first time in the UK. With a sound that evokes the weighty, yet emotionally circling refrains of Windhand or Acid King, Susie McMullan takes centre stage with her cavernous, yet elegant vocal interplay. Many London regulars will also recognise a familiar face on the six-strings as former Gurt axe-ist Jamie McCathie drives the Brume riff machine after his move to San Francisco earlier in the decade. Don’t expect a party, unless it’s an ‘I’ve Just Crapped My Pants’ party, as you get ready to doom with Brume in Camden. – Saturday, 3.00pm at The Underworld