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Rooster – CD // Cassette // DD

DHU Records & Doom Stew Records – Released April 20, 2017

Reviewed by Santiago “Chags” Gutierrez

San Francisco based doom/sludge/psych outfit Brume make a very impressive return with Rooster, a six track monster of an album all but guaranteed to change your perception on how this genre can still be playfully inventive. The band consists of Jamie (ex-Gurt) on guitar, Susie on bass/vocals, and Jordan on drums. Their cohesiveness has grown rather exponentially since their last effort, Donkey, which was already a rather impressive release. This time around, the band chose to work with producer, Billy Anderson. Jaime says he “brought a lot to the table, not just capturing a great sound, but helping us work out vocal melodies and layering.”

The album consists of six tracks, all but one clocking in at over seven minutes long. However, the songs on offer here are dynamic and diverse. The kind of songs that do not feel like seven-plus minute songs upon listening. ‘Tradewind’, the final track, being the strongest example of this. There is much depth and contrast encircling this album. The guitar tone on Jamie’s Gibson guitar fits the mood of the record perfectly. Vocally, Susie provides enough personality and heart in these tunes, it is hard not to take notice of her thaumaturgic delivery.

Highlights of the album include the slow burning opener, ‘Grit and Pearls’, which provides a satisfying sludgy introduction to the proceedings that follows along with a strong doom base. ‘Harold’ and ‘Reckon’ continue the magic with a more morose and surreal feel. Mesmerizing to say the least. Have I mentioned Susie’s vocals? Because they are certainly a high point on those tracks. The album closes strong with the much varied and absorbing “Tradewind” which brings all the elements from the previous tracks and encapsulates them all in one epic sounding dirge.


If I were to choose one phrase to describe this record, it would be “leaps and bounds”. Cohesiveness, chemistry, songwriting, production…it’s all there. Looking forward to what these guys have in store in the future. In the meantime, I’ll keep enjoying this Rooster ride.