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BRUME: Is their next album called Rabbits? An Interview (in poetry)


Back in April Brume released their sophomore album “Rooster” to widespread critical acclaim, toured the UK with Gurt, and played a devastating set at Desertfest in London. We are looking forward to their return to these shores, whenever that might be.

For the uninitiated, Brume are a genre-defying three-piece from San Francisco. Their music encompasses stoner, doom and psychedelia but has a je ne sais quoi element which is uniquely their own. Jamie McCathie, formerly of Gurt, Susie McMullan (ex-The Blah Boutique) and drummer Jordan Perkins-Lewis got together in 2014 and put out their debut album the following year, entitled “Donkey”.

Atom Smasher asked them to answer some questions. It’s the first time we’ve received poetry answers from anyone.

ATOM SMASHER: Rooster is amazing. Why?

Amazing to a black heart
a soul that is burdened
by a world that is broken and a day uncertain.
That’s who we vision
to accompany us with our decision
to make long dreary songs with gloomy vision
we are not for the rich happy lad
who society cheers for with fictitious fads
blindly seeking fortune and status
we mock him in our songs and sing about sadness

It’s the cloaca.

AS: Who does the best kitchen parties?

When I die my good deeds will stack to the sky
A pass-over with a staircase for me to climb
at the pearly black gates rewards of whiskey and rye
await me, my friend, in your kitchen that night

Martha Stewart

AS: What’s the best and worst things about being in Brume?

This may come as a surprise
the truth this story may bring
that the worst and the best part of Brume
happen to be the same thing.
You see time has a way to stab you in the heart
and time, when, its inspiring can be the best part.

Time is the best part of Brume you see
because time with my crew is fun, it’s peace.
But when time grows long between when we’re together
cuts like a knife in the mid of winter.

Me & Me.

AS: If you could only take one album and one non-musical possession to a desert island, what would they be?

Album: “Little Sparrow” by Dolly Parton
Non-musical possession: Glenn Danzig

The Blah Story on audiobook.
A boat.

AS: For those of us who haven’t been to the Bay Area, what’s great and what’s rubbish about it?

The Bay Area has magic you can see it in the fog
As it rolls over the hills and creeps in your home
it glitters like the sea as the sun rises
but it has an eerie float and its full of surprises
the overachievers are plentiful
the satisfied are few
but there is always something exciting to do.

It’s expensive to live in the most beautiful City in the world, but at least you get to live in the most beautiful City in the world.

AS: Ever met any of your heroes? If so, tell us about it.

Dreadful the day when my heroes speak
evaporating the image i wanted to keep
Stealing the inspiration they are use to cultivating
Because it turns out most folks aren’t that interesting

I’ve met too many. Now I have none.

AS: “Streaming is killing music”. Discuss.

I am delighted by music
In any way I can get it
I don’t believe it dies
when its free or expensive.
I’d keep playing if I was starving
I’d keep playing it if I was blue
I’d keep playing music no matter what
mostly because I have to.

Streaming is killing profits. EDM is killing music.

AS: Would you want to make a living from being in a band? Would you enjoy being on the road for months or even years at a time?

I’m grateful to have a day, I’d be grateful to have a year.
Because in any way my heart can be filled
with music, friends, and family too.
It won’t ever be my all but it will always be my truth.

Yes. I enjoy the road too much.

AS: Your political system in America is more fucked than ours is in the UK. Is there any way back?

Wait patiently for the heat death of the universe.

AS: What’s next for Brume?

The donkey kicked us off
The rooster kept us true
next comes the rabbit and its coming for you.


Brume’s “Rooster” is out now on Doom Stew Records
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