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Brume Post “Help Me” Video

Initially offered digitally by the band last May, Brume‘s debut album, Donkey, is currently in the process of selling through its first and allegedly only DHU Records vinyl pressing. Little wonder why. Molasses thick tones set to nod-worthy roll, delivered with heft of groove that might bring to mind modern purveyors Monolord or some of the more ethereal worshipers at the altar of Electric Wizard. Brume — the San Francisco-based three-piece of bassist/vocalist Susie McMullan, guitarist Jamie McCathie (ex-Gurt) and drummer Jordan Perkins-Lewis — only had/have five tracks on the record, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t eat like a meal.

So like I said, little wonder that the platters are going. Call it an EP or an LP, you’re getting the same level of doom either way, Brume serving notice to the West Coast’s fertile underground that that rumbling they hear is indeed tectonic as a song like “Shadows” from Donkey gets underway. Feels kind of cheap to tag them with a Windhand comparison, but if that makes it easier to understand where they’re coming from, then fair enough, and in any case, that’s hardly an insult, what with Windhand kicking ass and all. I’m sure you’ve already heard the record and got your order in for the vinyl, so kudos on that — I’m always behind on everything — but if you’re square like me, you can dig into the band’s video for “Help Me” below and get caught up before they put out something else awesome. Like another album.

Dig it:

Brume, “Help Me” official video

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