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BRUME - Donkey: When Planets Collide 2015

For fans of: Sleep, Windhand, King Woman, Kylesa, Purple Hill Witch, The Melvins, Chelsea Wolfe, Black Sabbath/Electric Wizard slow riffage, a Woodstock for Satan worshipping junkies, Patti Smith/Stevie Nicks inflamed vocals, classic slow occult doom inspired sludge, and psychedelic/stoner metal fueled

Very, very impressive EP, Donkey, by BRUME!!!  I'm just loving the occult classic doom vibes with slow riffs, beats, and draggy/temptressing vocals.  There's a lot of flavor going on here on this EP that I just can't get enough released from the doom trio from San Francisco, CA that is BRUME.  I love the Sabbath but yet Electric Wizard (Dopethrone to be exact) inspired riffage and beats that leaves off a vibe that's slower the HEAVIER the music gets \m/!!!  And the best part about the music that brings a haunting but occult following feel to the music is the female vocals.  The vocals just make the music so much HEAVIER and chilling but very captivating with the likes of Patti Smith/Stevie Nicks if they got down on some heavier shit collaborating with the likes of Black Sabbath.  Donkey is a solid release from BRUME that catapults their classic doom inspired sound to a whole new level.

The EP starts off with "Shadows" (7:13) which is a great starter too for the band as far as capturing everything that makes their sound awesome.  "Shadows" is just a dragged out stoner doom tune that anybody from any era of metal that could appreciate.  And it doesn't stop from there as they continue with their sludge doom assault with the likes of "Win" (7:20) that follows up, which is the longest on the EP.  "Win" is probably their most sludgy filled song with haunting cymbals, dragged/drugged out feel guitar/bass lines, and a poltergeist melody of vocals.  The song is a steady pace that doesn't change but only leaves you unprepared for the third song which is "Help Me" (5:45).  Now "Help Me" is such a game changer, switch of mood for the album that just gets better!!! "Help Me" is the climax of the album that just starts off with a simple but fueled filled bass line that just sends off the song into a darkness of sludge/stonerness.  I get a very fuck you get out of my way type feel but in a smooth but shattering way that no one will forget kind of like a memorable outro in the likes of listening to Kylesa fronted by Patti Smith/Stevie Nicks.  "Help Me" is a bad ass song that a first time listener should listen to!!!  And the adrenaline just keeps on kicking with BRUME's Bonnie Prince Billy cover of "Even If Love" (5:56) which is done amazingly!!! This would be another song I would recommend checking out that is just done right even if for a cover that they just took and made it sound as if their hellish own.  And the closer for the album "Mother Earth" (5:18) is a great send off that just makes you want to play the album over again.  The intensity isn't let down a bit on this song at all and I love the switch up of the melody in the vocals and the guitars in the song.  I'm very delighted to come across such a great doom inspired release!!! Keep up the great job BRUME!!! I'm sure any fan of Satan worshipping doom Black Sabbath aspiring music will dig your latest offering, Donkey!!!

Anthony "Tarman" Duran