Thy Demons Be Scribblin

Brume remind me very much of Church who I just reviewed last week. This is some wonderful downtuned doomy sludge with haunting female vocals from Susie (who also plays bass). This is my first time hearing this band thanks to When Planets Collide Presents sending it on to me. This is really everything I love, being equal parts doom and sludge. Susie’s vocals are nicely back in the mix to give that “from beyond the grave” haunting quality which fits this style of music so well. If you enjoyed YOB’s last album, Clearing The Path To Ascend, then you’ll definitely love what Brume have to offer other than the not as epic song lengths with Brume being of the much more paletable 5-7 minute fare more associated with sludge than doom. I do have to say Brume jams it low and slow making even a five minute song seem much much longer. You should do yourself a favor and pick this one up when it comes out on May 4th which is only about a week away (and The Scribblers 1 year anniversary btw!). You can pre-order it HERE.